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RS232 Routines

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I am using C2C Version 4.1


Have managed to get the serial routines to work fine at 9600 baud and Clock 4MHz.


If I change the clock to 10MHz using PRAGMAs the serial routines stop working.


Changing the clock with PRAGMA does however correct the delay routines to delay the correct length of time. It only seems to be the serial routines that dont work.


Has anyone managed to get these routines working at the higher clock speed?



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Guest HansV

I've got it running on a 20MHz 16F877

I've had no problems on 16F84 chips@20 MHz.


The only problem with the 16F877 I've had was in a

printf() function I wrote. I had to add a small delay between

bytes, or else the RX-side (A pc running hyperterminal :D ) would lose sync somewhere between bytes. I suspect this has something to do with the crystal being not 100% accurate, or windoze XP losing some bits ;)


If you have a scope, see if there's anything coming out of your uC



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Guest Ross



question: Did you end up using the USART for the serial communications or did you use another Port?



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