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        I want to point out that the  C compiler is still a

work in progress ,and for this product to come of age and

compete against  the good compilers out there, then I feel

that there is still lots of work needed to improve this


The Competitor would love to see this compiler suffer and

remains lame too long ,so as to drive us away to other    

compilers. C++ should be work on only when the author

have time to spare.

LOOK : Horse story ........... by my wife

              > Horse have 4 legs

              > Horse run race

              > Horse legs goes East,West,North,South.

              > Horse never ......well you know.

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Guest Pavel

Since I keep getting mails about c2c vs c2c++ compiler priorities below are some clarifications.


The C2C++ compiler was created about two+ years ago.

I just took it from my archives and applied the same changes I did recently for the c2c compiler (it was easy since they both share the same code base).


I also support and extend the c2c compiler and work on a new c compiler which will be much more feature rich and flexible than c2c (and I'm still looking for 1 or 2 people who want to join this project, look into this thread).




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