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New to C2C Compiler

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I am new to the C2C compiler and am after some help.  Whilst I am reasonably confident with the C language and to a degree the C++ language I am having problems understanding the following things:

char option@0x81 - effectivly points option towards the option register!! but how do I address the individual bits of that register?  Do I have to use something similar to:

char psa@0x03


Hope this makes sense.





PS are there any header files out there written for all the common devices??


Luv ya all xxx :)

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char porta@0x81;


The @ operator allows you to specify that the variable is located at the specified address.


This allows the syntax of

porta = 0xFF; // set all port a bits on


porta |= 0x01; // turn bit 0 on

porta &= 0xFE; // turn bit 0 off



Individal bit addressing is NOT currently supported in the form

porta_bit0 = 1;



Checkout the help that is part of the installation or //www.picant.com/c2c/doc/c2c.html and search for built in variables.


???  ???

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