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I have been working with the SX chip for about a month now and was programming in assembly.  Sometimes I come accross things that are so easy to do in assembly that it seems a burden to do (or try to do) it in C.  I have been trying to use #define to help with some of this.


#define rb1 rb.1


asm clr rb1




asm clr _rb1


does not seem to work as you may do with a variable:


char rb1 = 0;


asm mov _rb1,w


This is getting to me since I am trying to do bit manipulation.  Usually in assembly coding I use:



bit1 = rb.1

bit2 = rd.2


clr bit1


jnb bit2,loop


movb bit1,bit2


That way if I change 'bit1' or 'bit2' to another pin or port I just change 'bit1' or 'bit2' as defined in the program.


I have been looking for alternatives in manual but always hit a wall.  With absolute adressing you only use char in examples.  I do not want variables or to use RAM space.  I also don't see how you can do a bit manipulation with that anyways.  With input_pin_port_a() I can only use #'s and would have to go through the program and change all of the a's to b's if I changed ports.  The only thing that I found that work as simply is:


instead of:


bit = rb.1


clr bit


In C I used:


#define bit 1

#define bit_port rb




Of course if you supported macros I could write:


#define bit_high output_high_port_b(1)

#define bit_low ouput_low_port_b(1)






I just would like something as simple as:


instead of



 jnb bit,loop




while(input(bit1) != 1);




I hope I made myself clear enough through all of this.  Adjusting is hard at times.  Can you help?





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