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Novo Rtos Reaches Maturity

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Hi all,


Novo RTOS is a Real Time Operating System that uses a co-operative task scheduler. This operating system transforms the coding style of applications making them easier to write, more readable and maintainable. Processes can be split down into separate tasks instead of using the classic super loop and state machine methodology.


Novo works with both the BoostC and BoostC++ compilers.


A number of projects using Novo RTOS have now been completed by commercial users proving that Novo RTOS is a solid basis for applications that use multiple tasks.


Some pre-built Novo libraries are supplied as part of the SourceBoost package, so everyone can use it.


If you want to create custom builds then you will need the Novo source code.

If you have a BoostC Pro license you already have a license to use the Novo source code, just run goodies.exe to gain access to it.


If you have any other than BoostC Pro then you can purchase a license for Novo source code from here.


Novo is actually very cool, I've really impressed myself with it :) - give it a look.




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