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Boolean Functions

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How do I create a function that returns a boolean? What I've tried so far is creating a function that returns a short:


  short isTxBufferReady();


However, if I try to use this in a conditional:


  while (!isTxBufferReady())


...I get an "unexpected unary" error. The only solution I came with was to use:


  while (isTxBufferReady()==0)


I can live with that but I wonder if I've missed a more obvious solution.

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OK, I just tried a few things and cam up with some interesting results:


  while (txBufferIsReady()) //this compiles

  while (!(txBufferIsReady())) //so does this

  while (txBufferIsReady()==0) //and this

  while (!txBufferIsReady()) //this one gives "unexpected unar operation"


This would seem to indicate that the compiler is attempting to evaluate the "!" operator before evaluating the txBufferIsReady function. I was under the impression that functions counted as membership operators and, therefore, had higher precedence than unary operators.

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