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What Happened?

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I upgraded from 4.5.4 to 4.6.3 and suddenly I'm getting all sorts of errors:


line   43: Error in function call

line   44: Unexpected variable 'portd'

line   45: Error in function call

line   46: Unexpected variable 'portd'



If I switch back to 4.5.4, everything's fine.


The lines it's throwing errors on are:


set_bit(cfControlPort,cfCeBit);  //card disabled


clear_bit(cfControlPort,cfRstBit);  //reset


set_bit(cfControlPort,cfOeBit);  //no read


...and the definitions of those ports are:

#define cfControlPort portd

#define cfControlDir trisd

#define cfCeBit 0             //card enable

#define cfCdBit 1             //card detect

#define cfRstBit 5            //reset

#define cfOeBit 3             //output enable

#define cfWeBit 4             //write enable

#define cfRdyBit 2            //ready


I can send the source it that helps.

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Guest Pavel

Looks like you haven't updated the preprocessor. Please download the preprocessor fix  from the compiler Download page. I'd also strongly recommend to update the compiler for 4.6.3 for everybody who hasn't done it yet.




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