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Inserting Asm Lines In Boostc

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Really sorry for the wrong title mods and people.. Initially, when I typed this post, I thought that the programming was written in ASM.. but then I realised that the code was actually written in Pic Basic (I think).. I am new to the world of PIC programming....


-Original Message-


Below is a code to calculate the number of pulses and convert it into RPM to display in LCD.. If I am not mistaken, it is written in Pic Basic rite..? Can somebody please teach me how to convert it to C language (BoostC)..?



Device = 16F877

Xtal = 20


Dim Result as DWord

LCD_DTPIN = PORTB.4 ' Setup the LCD
LCD_TYPE = 0 '

All_Digital = True ' Make all pins Digital I/O's

While 1 = 1

Result = COUNTER PORTA.0, 100 ' Count how many pulses in 100mS

Result = Result * 10 * 60 ' Scale To RPM

Print at 1, 1, "RPM = ", DEC8 Result ' Display on the LCD

Wend ' Loop for ever

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There are to tools that convert basic into C (as far as I know). The best way is to understand how code works and than just code same functionality in C.




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