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PIC newbie help

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I'm working on my senior design project as an electrical engineer.  I'm decently versed in C and C++, and I know the general layout of my program.  The problem is I do not know how to read in information from the ports, and read out info to the ports.  I have a couple of books and they have been little help.  A quick explanation would be of more assistance than a 400 page manual.



My situation is this.  A hex switch will be hooked up to port A of a 16lf874A.  I need to read in this info to store to a char.  I also need to monitor port B for 14 DIP switches.  These will be used for controls.

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Hi Kaplah,


take a look at the examples here on the homepage.

At the bottom of this section you will find the links to the page of

Julian Winpenny. Your 16F874 is code compatible to the 16F877,

only RAM and FLASH of your device is less.




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Thanks, but I have a hard time reading and making sense of examples.  What I need is an explanation of some of the comands.  Neither of the books I have on the PIC are very good at explaining these.


TrisX (ie. trisb, trisa, yadda yadda)


And portx (i.e. porta, portb, yadda yadda)


The examples that I read through really didn't explain how these work either.


How does the pic write data to a port, can I raise a single pin value, or does it write out data in binary numbers?  What I'm trying to do is similar to having 8 LED's hooked up all to port b, and I only want one raised at a time for a period of 1 second.

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Hi, Kaplah


You can try this:

This code on/off bit 1 on PORTB


void main( void )


  TRISB = 00000000b;    // all as output


  set_bit( PORTB, 1 );    // put on bit 1

  delay_s( 1 );              // delay one second

  clear_bit( PORTB, 1);   // put off bit 1  

  delay_1( 1 );              // delay one second





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