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Guest Pavel

List of problems with PicAntIDE 5.0

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Guest Pavel

Since the released PicAntIDE 5.0 is a beta I expected some bugs init. Here is a list of things reported so far. You are very welcome to extend this list with the problems you may have with the new ide and also your comments and suggestions:


1. PicAntIDE.exe doesn't start and complains that it can't find some DLL.

This is very easy thing to fix. In fact this happened because you probably didn't read the installation directions carefull enough. The 5.0 beta version must be installed into the same directory where a general compiler was installed. This will fix the problem.


2. Neither the trial key nor the existing personal key are accepted by the PicAntIDE.

The existing key is valid for all pre-5.0 versions but it needs to be upgraded to work with 5.0. I look into the issue why the trial key doesn't work for some people who have valid keys for pre-5.0 versions. If you need to revert to a pre-5.0 version just re-install a pre-5.0 compiler version and apply your personal key to the ide by starting the ide from command line followed by the 'register' option like:


PicAntIDE.exe register


3. PicAntIDE crashes when wizard gets started.

I got this report from one user and can't reproduce it in my environment. Anybody has something similar?

Update:Just found the cause of the crash. Fix will be available in the next release.




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