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16F84A TMR0 1 sec Interrupt

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Hi all;

anybody knows how can I implement 1 sec delay using TMR0 interrupt? Any example?



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If you want the delay in seconds:

                     (256 - InitTMR0) * prescaler

Delay =   -----------------------------------------

                              Frequency / 4


Or if you want the value to put in TMR0 to get a determinate DELAY:

InitTMR0 = 256 - ( DELAY * Frequency ) / ( 4* Prescaler)


For example 1 sec delay using a LP crystal 32.768 KHZ


 option_reg  = 00000100b    (prescaler = 32)

 tmr0 = 0

 intcon = 10100000b


When an interrupt occured don't forget to clear tmr0if.




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