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james :-)

Help me build a working library please!

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Hi all,


I'm having major problems just making a library for the following hardware.  Every bit of code doesn't use the pinout of my dev board (Matrix V2 - ppp).


Has anyone got a set of libraries I can leech for the following hardware config?


LCD Display Drivers - Hitachi 2*16 Characters


RB.0 D4

RB.1 D5

RB.2 D6

RB.3 D7


RB.5 Enable



4 Digit LED - 4*7 Segment Common Anode LED Display Module


RA.0 D4

RA.1 D3

RA.2 D2

RA.3 D1


RB.0 a

RB.1 b

RB.2 c

RB.3 d

RB.4 e

RB.5 f

RB.6 g



Any help would be great and save me tearing my hair out even further (not got a lot as it is).


Thanks in advance.



Best regards,


James Dexter :-)

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Don't make same error with the port.A as I did. Always remember to configure it as digital, because it is analog otherwise. Add this as your first line in the main():



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