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Error When Initializing An Array Of Structures

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I have a structure:


typedef struct


unsigned int A;

unsigned int B;

unsigned int c;

} ConvertCoeff;


and I declare an array of this structure:


ConvertCoeff coeff[8];


As long as I leave it this way everything is OK.

But if I try to intialize the array during decleration as follows:


ConvertCoeff coeff[3] = { {1,2,3}, {1,2,3}, {1,2,3}};


I get an error during compilation - missing semicolon.


Is it not a legitimate initialization? I know it is possible on other compilers - how do I do it in BoostC?

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As you said it appears that BoostC does not like initialising structures like other compilers. :rolleyes:


You will have to fill your structure the hard way.


BoostC is still value for money and is still growing.






ps. MikroC works but you have to pay more.

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