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Creating A Own Lib File

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i would like to create special libary function .

what is syntax.

how could i do that?

help me.

A library is a precompiled binary file that means the compilation of the library code is only required once.


To create a library:

1) Create a header file containing function prototypes.

2) Create a .c file containing the implementation of the functions.

3) Set the Compiler options->Compile options->Output Type to Library.

4) Build the code.

If successful a .lib file is produce.


To use a library:

1) #include the library header file in any source file that will use any of the library functions.

2) Add the .lib file to the project.

3) Build the code to link in the library.


I hope that helps.




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I am going to write down a library with a free pin assignement. I mean, I need to drive a clock signal out from the PIC and I would like that pin to be RA3. For instance you could use the same library I wrote, but due to you hardware desing you need to drive the clock signal out from RB5 (the same can be done also for inputs) How I can do it? How can I "teach the library" that the pin is not static but it can be assigned by the library user? How can I manage TRISx and PORTx, leaving the freedom to assign x to a not pre-defined port?

Thank you.



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