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C2C compared to C2C++

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I am about to purchase either C2c or C2c++. I generally will be coding in C, however I like the structs and other constructs that are only available in C2c++. Are there any performance, Code size, or other hidden issues that would suggest that if Im going to write in C I should buy C2C rather than C2c++?


How many of you are actually coding in c++ using classes etc?


Thanks Andrew

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Here is my (hopefully) brief opinion...


For all practical purposes C++ is just an extension of C.

So, if you learn C++ you are also learning C.  If you already

program in some language you might have to "unlearn" a

couple of things to understand some of the C++ stuff.  Plain

C, however, is just like any other structured lanuage you

might have encountered.


C++ mystified me for years until I started digging into the

code generated by the compiler and could see that it just

isn't that complicated... but it did take some digging.


I don't write tons of embedded apps, but so far I haven't

really needed the ++ parts of C++.  However, I own the

PicAnt C++ compiler, and would recommend it.  If you write

a program without using the ++ features, it will produce the

same code as the C compiler would. (I'm pretty sure ;-)


I hope this helps.  If you have other questions but don't

want to fill the forum, just send a private message.



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