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'C' VAR Parameters

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I recently tried the P2C part of the program, and it's very nice.  The Pascal compiler supports 'VAR' parameters -- sending in a variable as a parameter, changing it in the subroutine, and getting the CHANGED version back.  It looks very simple in the assembly output.


Is there some way to do this with 'C'?  Normally, I'd pass an 'int *' var in and change it.  That is clearly not supported. C++ and Java do this with 'references' -- pass an "int & MyVar", and any changes to it are returned to the calling function.  Is this supported?


Thanks, AllanL5.

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Okay, I have a VERY non-portable 'C2C' compiler-based work-around.  It consists of two Macro's 'GETVAL' and 'GET_IVAL'.  These are:


// Having called a routine, get the modified parm into 'MyVal'.

// GetVal for CHAR quantities,  GET_IVAL for INT quantities.

// Expected: MyVal is __

//           ParmNum is ParamNN_

#define GETVAL( MyVal, ParmNum ) \

 asm { movfw ParmNum } asm { movwf MyVal }


#define GET_IVAL( MyVal, ParmNum) \

            asm {movfw ParmNum} \

asm {movwf MyVal} \

asm {movfw ParmNum + 1} \

asm {movwf MyVal + 1}


// And a use example:

     increment(i);  GETVAL (_i_main, param00_increment);


// And another -- 'L' and 'M' are int:


       GET_IVAL (_L_main, param00_inc3);

       GET_IVAL (_M_main, param01_inc3);

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