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C Vs Assembly, Not Too Bad

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I have a small asm program for a 12F675. It's a light sequencer for those that must know ;-)


The C version is completely unoptimised, it uses a big ol switch statement that is easy to read.


The C version was MUCH easier to write only a few bytes bigger so it will be to version I keep.



Anyway, the asm (MPASM) version is;

Data Memory, 11 bytes

Program memory 231 bytes



The sourceboost version;


Memory Usage Report


RAM available:64 bytes, used:32 bytes (50.0%), free:32 bytes (50.0%),

Heap size:32 bytes, Heap max single alloc:31 bytes

ROM available:1024 words, used:277 words (27.1%), free:747 words (72.9%)



Corvette Engineering

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