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Dear all,

I am going to use the float.h and float.pic18.lib files.

Since I am going to calculate floats and I need to represent them on a LCD display, I have only one idea to work-around the missing "%f" in the lprintf format; I multiplicate the float variable by 10 (for example, needing only one decimal digit), convert it into long variable and then calculate the integer part (with sign) and the decimal of that long variable.


That should give me more possibilities to show a float-to-long variable on LCD...


Any other ideas?


Thank you.



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This basically does what you suggested.


Just format the intPart and fracPart with a decimal point between into a string.


void main(void) {
float	myfloat;
int32	intPart;
int32	fracPart;

myfloat = 3.14;

intPart = float32_to_int32(myfloat);
fracPart = float32_to_int32(float32_mul(float32_sub(myfloat, float32_from_int32(intPart)), 10.0));





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