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Good day all,

 While I wait for my C2C Cd to find me. Have any of you seen or have experence with the timing of X10 codes through a Tw523 interface? I have tried several experiments with asm, to no avail.

 Pic is a 16F84A, RA0=ZC, RA1=RX, RB0-7 are outputs. House Codes and Unit codes are hard coded. I can receive start code '1110' but I think I have issues with timing of other recieve data.

 I am switching from asm to C becouse I know C much better being an old Unix hack. If any one has seen sample code it would help me greatly.


Ta Da


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Guest Pavel
While I wait for my C2C Cd to find me...

May I ask what this CD is and where you ordered it?




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Guest Bsnedeker

Mr. Baranov,

  I ordered the Matrix Multimedia "C for PICmicro". I got it yesterday and am already very impressed with your compiler. I have been searching the web for several weeks looking for a good C compiler for Pics.

  I purchased "C for PIC micro" to help me understand the compressed registers, and addressing schemes used by the pics.

  What if anything do I need to do to be up front with you? As far as Licensing and upgrades. The version supplied is 4.007e.


  Thanks for your time

    Brad Snedeker

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