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Yes a PIC can do this type of work. If you search the web you will find a few examples.


If you are designing the transmitter and receiver, then you can do whatever system you like.


You can buy chips which will do the modulation and demodulation, but the PIC can do it with a bit of software.


There are standard coding systems depending on manufacturer of the TV, DVD player etc. The modulation frequency is around 38kHz and can vary a couple of kHz either way, again depending on manufacturer and chip set used.


If you get yourself a photo diode and fet op-amp you can see the data on a scope when you aim a TV remote at it. A photo diode with a built in IR filter recessed into a dark tube should work well to get rid of daylight swamping the diode.





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I am trying to build a remote circuit. It will work like tv remote control.


Can the pic do this type of work? Any suggest?




Yes it does. Receive and Transmit.


I build the 3 channel IR transmitter form sixca and the receiver from code on the EDABOARD website.


There are 100s of sites with schematics, code and information.


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Thanks for the input!


This is just a frist step of my design.

I would like to design a home alarm system using pic.

I have all tools needed for this project. My point is when I get inside the house, I have to press a button that deactive the alarm system. This button will be hidden in safe place and only the people live in the house know where it is. So, this button will the circuit that can remotely activate or deactivate the alarm system.


This sound makes sense to you at all?


My issue is I have never worked with the receiver and transmitter circuit before. I need some more explanation on how this circuit works.


Any help will be appreciated.


Thanks all !

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If you just want a quick and easy way to do infrared communications, the MCP2120 from microchip will do all the encoding/decoding of the irda standard for you.




And by using that standard, you can communicate with other devices by Palm, Pocket PC, laptops, PCs, remote controls, etc.


- Bill

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