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It was a pleasant suprise to notice the new version. It says that there are many bug fixes, and I hope those fix all the optimization bugs.


I'm just going to start my next programming project (electronics are already done), and it would be nice to have all optimization turned on instead of the minimal settings I had to use last time. Using optimizations would have had saved quite a lot memory and instructions in my last project, as it was rather large in size of program file.


I noticed, that I still cannot do breakpoints to C++ file and have them marked to corresponding assembler lines :P Or perhaps I should compile & assemble after adding the breakpoint? You seemed to fix the line number bug from there anyway.


Well, anyway, the name SourceBoost sounds like those programs that promise 1000% boost to internet speed / etc. Why did you change the good name?


Finally, a request.

In the debug mode, could you add following to "workspace browse"-mode a menu item (at right click to function name):

"find from assembler"

Because now if I wanted to find main() from the assembler, it just jumps to the C++ file. And the source code right click browse -list is rather hard to use when there are many functions/labels.

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