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Typedef Structs Greater Than 256 Bytes?

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Hello guys..


Is it possible to allocate larger buffers than 256 bytes and include into a typedef struct??


Currently the entire size of my typedef struct is <256 bytes and this works, anything more and no joy.


I guess is it possible to allocate large buffers is the underlining issue?


Thanks, Alan

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It's all to do with how the PICs are made. The RAM is laid out on 256 byte pages therefore the largest continuous block is 256 bytes before you have to start changing bank select addresses. It could probably be done but the code overhead in managing data and variable crossing page boundaries would make it not worth it.





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Funny thing I'm dealing with the exact same problem right now. I'm already deep into the project so it's hard to think about changing platforms. I wonder how efficient it is on a pic to use buffers > 256 bytes at all regardless of whether typedef struct or not? If anyone has any good ideas, or links to articles on managing large data arrays and structs on 8-bit pics, please post them.

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