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Enhancement Request - 7 Segment Led Display

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I've finally tried the 7-segment LED simulator plug-in and it's great! Some clever thinking in there, such as the persistence option, active hi or lo, and built-in segment decoding.


The one addition I would wish for is to have selectable address decoding for digit selection. When working with PICs with limited pin count, there's usually not enough pins to dedicate one per digit. Instead an extra IC is used to decode 2 (or 3) bits to one of 4 (or 8) digits. Example a CMOS 4028 IC as a 1-of-8 decoder.


So, it would be great if there was the option in the 7-segment LED simulator plug-in to decode 2 inputs to select one of 4 digits.


Thanks for considering this! :(

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That's a good suggestion. I'll implement it as soon as I can and give it to SourceBoost for inclusion in a subsequent release but my time is currently limited so no guarantees as to when.


Thanks for the feedback!



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...Thank YOU! I very much appreciate the Sourceboost plugins. :(


I'd be happy to beta-test, since I'm currently playing with this. In fact, if you're willing to send me the source, I might be capable of making the change myself and return to you for verification and approval. I'm not very strong in C++ (Java's more my game) but I was able to make some useful mods to Ted Rossin's PWM plugin.



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