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Cannot Get Program To Compile

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I was very surprised to find that my first program with SourceBoost Basic compiled and ran with no problems, well done on making it very intuitive.


Now I am trying something a little more complex and I am stuck.

sub control_temp( temp1 as word, temp2 as word, t1 as word, t2 as word, t3 as word, t4 as word )
if temp1 >= t1 then portc.6 = 1
if temp1 <= t2 then portc.6 = 0
if temp1 <= t3 then portc.7 = 1
if temp1 >= t4 then portc.7 = 0
end sub

None of these IF statements will compile! I have tried putting the comparison (temp1 >= t1) in brackets but still no luck.

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Don't forget to close your "If" statements with "End If".





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