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Hardware For Novo Rtos Example & Development

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Hi everyone, just thought I would let you & the SourceBoost team know that I found a pretty-much perfect

hardware demo board to get the NOVO motor speed control example up and running in minutes.


I used the Sure Electronics DB-DP113 "Hybrid of PIC18F4520 Dem2PLUS and Low Power Demo Board" hardware to get

the NOVO example running out of the box, only change was one line to PicConfig.h!


I was hoping my first time with learning an RTOS will go more smoothly, so I found this by chance from eBay seller

fcb_electronics ($32 USD incl. shipping, ships worldwide). Has many features including LCD, temp, USB port, 7-seg. LEDs.


/*  PICConfig.h NOVO configuration example file */
/*  The following are marked where changes were made for the Sure Elect. PICDem2 board, for */
/*  the PIC18F4520 as needed */
#pragma DATA _CONFIG1H, _OSC_XT_1H   /* Use provided external oscillator (for purposes of getting example running) */


It will run with internal oscillator or 12MHz oscillator. Note that timing will not match the example code's number without



Coincidentally, the motor control pin RB1 is also connected to an LED so you'll be able to see the NOVO operation even if you can't get a motor!


I did add, in my case:

- Motor and transistor: scrap motor from bubble jet printer, N-ch. MOSFET

- .1" 6 pos. header, solder to provided pin holes, for PICKit2 use

- Pushbuttons for entry (I did not use on-board buttons): used spare I/O header pinouts provided

- .1" 2 pos. header for +5V, GND from external supply as PICKit2 did not sufficiently power board


Makes a great board for customization.

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