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Plugin is not working on PORTA but it works on PORTB. I have put all to digital ports. I use a PIC18F1320


clear_bit(adcon0, ADON); //A/D On bit 1 = A/D converter module is enabled 0 = A/D converter module is disabled

set_bit(adcon1, PCFG0); //Digital I/O

set_bit(adcon1, PCFG1); //Digital I/O

set_bit(adcon1, PCFG2); //Digital I/O

set_bit(adcon1, PCFG3); //Digital I/O

set_bit(adcon1, PCFG4); //Digital I/O

set_bit(adcon1, PCFG5); //Digital I/O

set_bit(adcon1, PCFG6); //Digital I/O


I think I found the problem RA5 is only input and RA4 is Open-drain when output. I have to use other port.

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