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Andy's Ascii Circuit

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There are many occasions when the discussion could be clarified with a circuit diagram, however many of us are reluctant to fire up a CAD package for a quick drawing of a few components and also waste upload space on a relatively large GIF or PNG. One could use external hosting, but that's even more of a hassle.


The solution commonly used on the Usenet electronics groups is to post the diagram as fixed pitch ASCII art. There is even a free utility to aid in creating such diagrams.


Here is one I made earlier (slightly tidied up)

	 R1 1K	  R2 100R		 _ _
  ___		 ___		-o| P |o-
 ---|___|---o---|___|--------o| I |o-
		 |			   -o| C |o-
 Input	  |			   -o| 1 |o-
 Signal	 z		   .----o| 6 |o-
		 A ZD1 5V6   |   -o| F |o-
		 |		   |   -o| 8 |o-
 -----------o-----------o   -o| 8 |o-
					 |   -o|___|o-
(created by AACircuit v1.28.6 beta 04/19/05 www.tech-chat.de)


If you want to use AACircuit, you can get it *HERE*. Just unzip it and run the EXE. The website is in German but the program is multilingual (German, English, Danish, Dutch). When you have finished drawing a circuit, paste it into your post.

You will need to manually add a space at the beginning of every line and wrap it in Code tags or the result will be *horrible*. It will look dreadful in the forum edit box - this is normal, but when you preview or post it will appear in a fixed pitch font and you will be able to see it properly.

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