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Timer 1 as input capture

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Hi all,


I need to measure time/frequncy with timer1, but the results I get seem to be nonsens.

Does anyone see my mistake ?


this is the initialisation:

void TMR1_IRQ_EN (void)



  clear_bit(intcon, PEIE);

  t1con = 0x30; /* Timer 1 prescale 1:8, int. clock, TMR1 off */

  ccp1con = 0x05 ;                 /* Capture every rising edge */  








... and here is the part of my IRQ handler:


     if (test_bit(pir1,CCP1IF))   // TMR1 Input Capture Interrupt


// clear_bit(pie1,CCP1IE);

tm1_val = 0;

tm1_val = ccpr1h;

tm1_val = tm1_val << 8;

tm1_val = tm1_val & 0xff00;

       tm1_val = tm1_val + ccpr1l;

ccpr1l = 0;

ccpr1h = 0;


// set_bit(pie1,CCP1IE);


Any ideas ?

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