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Xtal Osc On 16f777 - Help Please

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I can't seem to get the 4MHz external XTAL osc working on my 16F777.

I program the following code onto the chip (along with the config/fuses)

And the program works, but it also works when I remove the XTAL.

This makes me think it's only using the INTRC osc.

Can anyone find anything wrong with the code or offer me any advice?

Is the "osccon" line what is throwing it off?


Thanks for your help.




#include <system.h>




//Set clock frequency

#pragma CLOCK_FREQ 4000000


void Startup(void) {


osccon = 0b01101110; //Set oscillator to 4MHz

adcon1 = 1111b; //Set all pins to digital


trisa = 0b00000000; //Set porta for output

trisb = 0b00000000; //Set portb for output

porta = 0;

portb = 0;






void main(void) {




while(1) {

porta = 1; delay_s(1);

porta = 0; delay_s(1);




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Bits 1-0 in osccon are indeed telling the chip run from its internal oscillator.

To tell it to use the oscillator as defined in fuses FOSC setting bits 1-0 of osccon should both be set to 0.

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