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Upgrade Cost To V7

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I recently just purchased BoostC++ v.696

and I then looked at the version number! yikes, x.96 makes me think (and reading the forums) that a new version if due soon.

Will i have to pay full price for new version (ie should i have just used the demo for a few weeks)? or because I bought it recently, can I get some kind of upgrade discount?

Thanks :)


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A very good question but perhaps slightly premature.


I am sure they *could* release 6.101, its just a psychological barrier that says 'Change major version' after X.99 . . . We know V 7 is in the pipeline, but not how close to daylight it is.


If you read the older posts here you'll find SourceBoost have an enviable record for 'doing the right thing' and have in the past 'rolled over' recent purchases to the next version.


Trouble is, if we push Dave & Pavel for a snap answer they will no doubt give one, in line with their previous offers, but if we avoid jogging their elbows, and let them run the numbers properly and see how generous they can afford to be, we *might* get offered an even better deal that could benefit those of us who have had the product slightly longer.


Backing down from a publicly made offer is *very* hard to do, possibly impossible to do well, so *any* successful businessman if put on the spot, will act conservatively.


Ian M (hoping eventually for a *generous* definition of either 'recent' or 'a small upgrade fee')

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