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Demo Board Lcd Problem

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I am using boostc++ and writing a program for work. My boss bought a demo board from mikroelectronica that has the lcd wired funny: portb is used for data and control in what appears to be 4-bit low. The RW pin on the LCD is connected to ground. E=B5, RS=B4, Data=B0-B3 to lcd data pins D4-D7.


I am trying to rewrite the lcd_header.h file to be compatible with this configuration. I have tried to modify it but so far I get exactly zip on the lcd. I am certain the lcd is functional. I am certain my code is fucntional. These have both been tested in other ways. Can anyone help me out with this?


Where in the header file are the data pins set? I removed the rw pin from the template and from each of the defines (not sure if that helped or hurt). I don't really know what I'm doing on this, so any and all help will be greatly appreciated.



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I have the same problem with another board, the ET Base 8722.

Using their demo made with CCS works fine.


Using Sourceboost program with LCD driver lcd_header produces nothing on the LCD

which works fine on the other driver. I have an LED flashing after the LCD data to verify the

program is getting thru.


Anyone have any idea on whats wrong?




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