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Guest Joe

Another "variables view" bug

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Guest Joe

Variables are not shown because the header file is parsed by the IDE incorrectly:


To reproduce:



Create a project that uses the 12F629 device (any device will work, but i know the variable names for this device)



Open variables view in the workspace browser, and sort by file.



double-click "fsr" in the list of vars (this opens the include file that contains the variable).



The 1st 8 register variable names in the .h file are defined as:


VARNAME@ADDRESS with no spaces, these all appear in the variables list in the workspace view.


In the .h file the other variables are defined as:



These variables do not appear in the workspace browser.



edit the file line, change:

char pir1 <TAB><TAB> @0x000C;



char pir1@0x000C;


and save the file. The workspace updates the variables that it is showing, and now "pir1" is also in the list.



... Also try this:

edit the file, change:

char pir1@0x000C;




char pir1 <TAB><TAB> @12;



and save file... It shows the variable when the address is a decimal number, change it back to hex:


char pir1 <TAB><TAB> @0xC;


save file and it disapears again !





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Guest Joe

This is directly related to my other post about variable view displaying ADDRESSES instead of variable names.


If you edit and save the file, removing all the tabs between the variable name and the @

The file is parsed correctly and the variable viewer is correct.


This is a temperary fix. Debugging will be required on the file parser code within the IDE.

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Guest Pavel

This is a good one ::P: Now fixed. Fix will be available in the next release.




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