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Sourceboost Environment Variables

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I'm currently involved in a project that is cross-platform with PIC microcontrollers and Windows PC machines. The PIC and Win32 code share a common codebase with common interfaces, but the implementations are platform-specific.


In visual studio I'm able to do something like #if defined(WIN32) in a master compile config header file so that it will only compile win32 stuff and ignore the PIC stuff, and this works very well in Visual Studio/Win32. My question is, does SourceBoost have similar Environment Variables defined by the IDE that I could use to detect that I'm compiling using SourceBoost or BoostC++, etc (and ergo automatically ignore Win32/64 stuff when compiling in SourceBoost)?



Thank you very much!



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From BoostC++ help...


Predefined macros

_BOOSTC always defined

_PIC16 defined for all supported PIC12 and PIC16 targets

_PIC16x defined if PIC16 extended instruction set is used (PIC16F193x and alike)

_PIC18 defined for all supported PIC18 targets




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