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Weak Pull-up Portb Problems

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I have been trying to turn on the weak pull-up feature of portb on a pic16f882 but can't seem to get it to work. I have been working my way through the options learning about PIC microcontrollers but I'm no expert...


Here is some sample code I have been trying to make work:


#include <system.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#pragma CLOCK_FREQ 8000000

#pragma DATA _CONFIG2, _WRT_OFF & _BOR40V

void main() {

  	char porta_buf, portb_buf = 0;

//set outputs
porta = trisa = 0;

// set inputs (jumpers)
set_bit(portb_buf, 2);
set_bit(portb_buf, 3);
set_bit(portb_buf, 4);
set_bit(portb_buf, 5);

portb = trisb = portb_buf;

// enable pull up on portb inputs
option_reg.7 = 0;
wpub.2 = 1;
wpub.3 = 1;
wpub.4 = 1;
wpub.5 = 1;

// startup delay

// main program loop
while (1) {
	porta_buf = 0;

	if (!portb.2) {
		set_bit(porta_buf, 5);
	if (!portb.3) {
		set_bit(porta_buf, 4);
	if (!portb.4) {
		set_bit(porta_buf, 3);
	if (!portb.5) {
		set_bit(porta_buf, 2);

	// set pins
	porta = porta_buf;



What I'm observing is that the input pins on portb are always low. When I break out the voltmeter and check the pins, there isn't any voltage on them.

Maybe I misunderstood the purpose of enabling the pull-up on the input pins. I thought I could turn it on and thus, avoid adding pull-up resistors in hardware?


Or, I have made an error in my above code. Either is a likely possibility...


Anybody see my mistake?

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The pins RB<0:5> are set as analog inputs by default and - as datasheet clearly states - "setting a pin to an analog input automatically disables the digital input circuitry, weak pull-ups, and interrupt-on-change if available".


So, you need to add the line anselh = 0; at the begin of your program; this disables analog features and enables all the pins for digital I/O.


Hope it helps.

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That is definitely what I was missing. I guess I missed the part where it said that defaulted to on.


Thank you for pointing out my mistake!

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