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16f1933 Interrupt Problem

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I am having trouble using the debugger buttons to generate an interrupt-on-change for the 16F1933. The following code is similar to that posted by Daz on 2 Dec. 2010. The code is intended to simply light a led connected to porta when portb.0 button is pushed. The button block does not activate the interrupt-on-change for the portb input(s). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


#include <system.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

// Target PIC16F1933 configuration word

// Set PIC clock frequency
#pragma CLOCK_FREQ 4000000

#define	button1	portb.0
#define	led1	porta.0
unsigned char flag1;

// ***************** Interrupt Service Routine *********************
// 	Called from portb change of state
// ******************************************************************

void interrupt(void)
//Handle external interrupt
if( intcon & (1<<IOCIF) )
	if(button1){flag1 = 1;}
	clear_bit( intcon, IOCIF );

//****************** init_processor() ***************************
//	Set up PIC16F1933 internal registers
//	Parameters:	
//		Entry: none
//		Exit: none
// **************************************************************
void init_processor()
	// Configure port A

	ansela = 00000000b;	// porta all digital
	trisa = 00000000b;		// porta all outputs

	// Configure port B

	anselb = 00000000b;		// portb all digital 
	trisb = 11111111b;	  // portb all inputs

	// positive edge detect enabled for portb inputs 
	set_bit(iocbp, IOCBP0);
	set_bit(iocbp, IOCBP1);
	set_bit(iocbp, IOCBP2);
	set_bit(iocbp, IOCBP3);
	set_bit(iocbp, IOCBP4);
	set_bit(iocbp, IOCBP5);
	set_bit(iocbp, IOCBP6);
	set_bit(iocbp, IOCBP7);

   	// negative edge int-on-change disabled	
	clear_bit(iocbn, IOCBN0);
	clear_bit(iocbn, IOCBN1);
	clear_bit(iocbn, IOCBN2);
	clear_bit(iocbn, IOCBN3);
	clear_bit(iocbn, IOCBN4);
	clear_bit(iocbn, IOCBN5);
	clear_bit(iocbn, IOCBN6);
	clear_bit(iocbn, IOCBN7);

	trisc = 00000000b; 	// portc all outputs


void main()
porta = 0;
portb = 0;

  intcon = (1<<GIE | 1<<IOCIE); // enable interrupts

//Endless loop
while( 1 )
		led1 = !led1;	//on/off
		flag1 = !flag1; //reset

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The support for the 19XX devices is new to BoostC. It is possible that the IDE debugger does not yet support the IOC features of these devices i.e. +/- edge detection over the any edge detection of other chips.





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