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Andrew Leiper

Erroneous Warning '->' Is Used With A Non-pointer (use '.' Instead)

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Hi Pavel,


It's me again I am afraid :lol:


boostc v7.01



warning: '->' is used with a non-pointer (use '.' instead)

If I avoid using the pTestStruct typedef it compiles OK.




#include <system.h>


typedef struct {

char kw[5];

} TTestStruct;

typedef TTestStruct* pTestStruct;


typedef struct {

pTestStruct k; //k is the 128 bit key.

} TParams;


TParams XXP;


void main(void)


char p;


p = XXP.k->kw[0]; //Warning here






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Hi Andrew,


No warnings for me using PIC18F4580.


void main()

char p;

p = XXP.k->kw[0]; //Warning here
05CE  5020		  MOVF gbl_XXP+D'1', W
05D2  501F		  MOVF gbl_XXP, W
05D4  6EE9		  MOVWF FSR0L
05D6  50EF		  MOVF INDF0, W
05D8  6E25		  MOVWF main_1_p






I spoke too soon. Turn on All Warnings and you get the warning. Doh!

Edited by Reynard

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Fixed. Fix will be available in the coming 7.02 release. Thanks for reporting.




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