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Arrays Inside Struct With -idx 2

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Can anybody point me to a more in depth explanation of "-idx 2"?

Obviously, the new two byte index does not work in all cases:


reduced example, BoostC 7.02, PIC18:

typedef struct
 unsigned char doesntwork[300];
} tester;


This gives a

"No remaining memory block (on target) with suitable start address"



Obviously, a structure is still limited to one bank?

What else should I know


At least, I already figured out that libc needs to be recompiled with "-idx 2"

to make use of it ;-)

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Hmmm... I've been using large arrays including structs > 256 bytes and -idx 2 without getting this error. Is the error produced when you declare an array of 300 bytes or just when you use a struct that contains a 300b array?


It would be nice to have more in-depth explanation of -idx 2. I've encountered problems with it but never seen this error.

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