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Simulator Supported Targets

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Hi- Is there a list anywhere of what targets are supported my the simulator and what are the limitations of each target?




- 12Fxxx not supported


- 16F636 has RA3 and RA4 swapped





I'm starting loads of new projects next year and want to us the simulator more to save costs, so i need to know what devices are supported, and what that support is.

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The list appears to be a list of targets that can be selected to compile code, not a list that can be simulated.

All targets support instruction core simulation, that is instruction opcodes can be decoded and the resulting registers modified.


Hardware simulation is not as complete, the simulation consists of a library of virtual peripheral components. There components where based on some devices and proved to be accurate, but they are not necessarily accurate for other devices where the hardware has been changed from the original devices on which the virtual peripheral components were modeled.


There is a "SourceBoost IDE Simulator features and limitations" section in the SourceBoost IDE User's guide manual. Please take a look there.




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