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Koen Schmitz

A bug or me

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Dear All,


When my program is going through the assembler it failed with an error: symbol is not previously defined TOIF.

When I go to settings, options and deselect: insert default interrupt handler; than everything is fine.

My target pic is selected as a 16f819 and so far I am correct TOIF is not a 16f819 code but a 16f84 code.

Maybe it is me


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Guest Pavel

This happens because Microchip changed the naming scheme for some defines in their assembly .INC files for some targets. This buf will be fixed in the next compiler release. A workaround to it is to add a line into .INC files like:


INTE                         EQU     H'0004'
RBIE                         EQU     H'0003'
TMR0IF                     EQU     H'0002'
T0IF                         EQU     H'0002' ;this is the added line
INTF                         EQU     H'0001'




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