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My Plugins For V7 Ide Are Available

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I updated a couple of my plugins for version 7 (Plugin version 3). One is a 4 channel PWM monitor and the other is one to capture all the wiggles on the pins into a value change dump (VCD) so that the signals can be displayed in a standard simulator waveform viewer. I also have a free waveform viewer or you can use the free gtkwave viewer.


You can find the plugins for version 6 and 7 here:




Don't forget to check out the picture of my ducks down in the Duck House Controller project.


My most intense plugin can be seen in this project which shows how I coded up an antique microprocessor (CDP1802) into a 18F4620 and am able to emulate another antique part (CDP1861) video chip in the plugin which issues DMA requests to the 1802 to get video data. The plugin implements all the timing that the video chip does and displays the image that would show up on a monitor. Timing has to be perfect for this thing to work.




If you click on the image on the right you can see the plugin displaying video in 64x64 pixel mode (2nd highest resolution [it was the 70's after all]). The image in the center is the prototype hardware working in real life. The image on the left is the final version with the 1802 and 1861 emulated by two different PICs.


I could not have done this project without SourceBoost and the ability to create my own plugins. Well, maybe, but it would have taken a long time and been quite painful to track down all the problems using a logic analyzer.


It is well worth the effort to learn how to create your own plugins. I use Visual C++ 6.0 to write plugins. Someone asked about using the free version of Visual C++ but I'll admit I have not tried it.

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Hi Ted,


Thanks for updating your great plug-ins (with full C++ project!) and making them available again. You may recall I was an early-adopter of your v6 PWM plug-in.


It's just awesome that you've emulated a COSMAC ELF... and simulated it as well! B) My very first hobby computer was a RCA COSMAC VIP, also based on the 1802 and with TV out.


Elsewhere I lamented the 'loss' of the 7-segment LED plugin for the simulator with the release of v7 plugins. I'm nowhere near your level of Windows programming, but with what I learned from you, and also from this LED Matrix plug-in project, I'm close to finishing my own 4-digit LED display plugin for v7. The first rough version started working last night, and if I manage to finish it, I will post it.


RE VC++6 - it just so happened that i still had the CD for the Introductory Edition from a remaindered "Teach yourself MFC in 4 milliseconds" or some such book I bought (and discarded) years ago, and that's what I'm using... but for others it will be near impossible to get. it would be a big help if the v7 sample project could be updated to the current MS free C++ tool... or even to something like Code::Blocks and wxWidgets. Is this reasonable?


Again thanks. :wub:

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Well done. You will make many folks happy with the 7-segment display plugin. Glad to hear there is another person out there who grew up on the 1802.


I forgot to remind folks that porting from version 6 to 7 just requires you to copy 4 files from the plugin example to your current project and recompile.


My quote from a year or so ago:

"So, it looks easy to port to version 7. Just copy over the version 7 plugin.def, PluginAPI.h PluginApp.h and Pluginhookup.cpp and it should compile without problem as I never modified code in these files."

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