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Guest Joe

Build button does not compile correctly

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Guest Joe

When clicking the built button, it should COMPILE, ASSEMBLE, because that is what i have set the options to do.


After changing a file, and hitting the build button, the changes are not incorprated, hit compile, then assemble and the changes ARE incorprated.


To recreate:


Create a simple project (12C509A), file.c, file.h.


file.h contains:


asm __config  _MCLRE_OFF


file.c contains:






hit build

(builds ok)


open file.h and type sdkhfskhgfksahg in the file (rubbish).


hit build ---> produces NO ERROR -- infact it doesn't even bother compiling!!!


hit compile --> produces error (as expected)


It appears that the BUILD button *version* of compile does NOT include changes in .h files, only in .c files, which is incorrect. A build should rebuild EVERYTHING regardless of changes or not.

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Well, hopefully 'Build' should only build the things that NEED building -- the 'make' technology has been in place quite a while.


However, I've duplicated your bug.  I'd hoped that saving the .H file would encourage the 'Build' to recompile everything that depended on it -- it didn't.  


You can 'force' the build by doing a Compile on the 'C' code, then doing a Build -- but as you say, you shouldn't have to do this.


If you only change the 'C' file, then Build will save your changes and recompile all.  Again, changing the .H file should have been all that was needed to 'force' a rebuild.

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