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Real Hardware Example For Dummies

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I have download, test, and buy the basic compiler.

The example work well and the simulation is very usefull.

But when I tried to start whith my first project I have some trouble on the port initializazion, register setting(clock, wd, etc.)

Can anyone publish in the forum a simple real example finished to fit in a micro?

The increment of the port example is well but not referred to an hardware.


Thanks in advance and sorry for my english, Marco

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Below is a program I wrote for a 16F877A. All it does is flash an LED on PORT C. But I think it will have all of the basic info you need.




#include <basic/system.bas>



#pragma CLOCK_FREQ 4000000

#pragma OPTIMIZE "1"


dim PC as byte


sub ToggleLED()

PC = PC ^ 00000001b

portc = PC 'Flip the 1st LED

call delay_ms(500)

end sub



sub main()

'setup PIC

trisc = 0 'Set port c to all output


'main loop

do while 1

call ToggleLED()


end sub

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