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Startup-Procedure For Boostc

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would'nt it be possible to create a Startup-Procedure to be executed before any of your _startup is executed ??

This will help init some stuff at "real" startup

Bernd Schüler

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The best option is to use the -rb option, this allows offseting of all the BoostC generated code.

All the interrupt and reset code areas can then be use to intercept restarts and interrupts before the BoostC code is called.

Once your own code is done call the BoostC code at its new offset address.


I'm not sure I've made that very clear, but I hope that helps.




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It would be nice to have BoostC recognize a special function for this purpose.

The same way we have...

void Interrupt(void) and void interrupt_low(void)

we could also have...

void startup(void)


Of course, this only a "nice to have" not exactly a urgent need.



Best regards



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