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Missing Right Parenthesis

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Greetings Everyone,


I am trying to get this small piece of code to compile but keep getting the errors shown below:



source.c(25): error: missing right paren

source.c(25): error: general error

source.c(25): error: failure




#include <system.h>


/* Target PIC16F877 configuration word. */





/* Set clock frequency to 16MHz. */

#pragma CLOCK_FREQ 16000000



void main(void) {



// File scope objects.

short unsigned word_1; //

short unsigned word_2; //

short unsigned word_3; //

short unsigned word_4; //


/* Initialise array. */

unsigned char map[8] = {0x01, 0x03, 0x15, 0x3C, 0xFF, 0xAA, 0x0F, 0xC8};



/* Program loop. */

while(1); {


asm nop //


/* Expression 1. */

word_1 = ((short) map[1]) << 8 | map[5]; //


asm nop //


/* Expression 2 */

word_2 = (short) map[1]; //

word_2 = (word_2 << 8) | map[5]; //


asm nop //

/* Expression 3 */

word_3 = (short) map[1]; //

word_3 = word_3 << 8; //

word_3 = word_3 | map[5]; //


asm nop //


/* Expression 4 */

word_4 = (((short) map[1]) << 8) | map[5]; //






The error occurs at "void main(void)" so I suspect the preprocessor has found something wrong but I cannot see what the problem is.


I have tried putting the preprocessor statements in the "main" function, commenting them out and removing them completely but I cannot resolve this problem. I am sure the explanation will be very obvious when it is pointed-out to me.


Compiler BoostC v7.05




Thanks in advance for any possible help with this.



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Thanks AlexR did not notice the semicolon had crept in there spent almost two days not noticing that.


Thank you.


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