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OK. I'm playing around with 7.05 and today I attempt to open the ledblock project under the novo foler. I think I was messing with this project yesterday.

Now the project starts up empty, and I am unable to add files to it. Something is weird.

I copied the old project file (from 6.97) over the corrupted (?) project file and now the project seems fine.

I guess it would be nice to have explicit control over where and when a project is saved. Maybe the feature is there now, but it is not obvious. I guess SB IDE does a save when you close or open new projects, but what if I want to save it under another name and confirm that it was indeed written and flushed etc. I guess I can rename it with a windows utility...but still  


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Yes this is weird and should be fixed. If this happens again please send the corrupted project file (file with .__c extension) to support@sourceboost.com (or just put its content into this thread)


I guess it would be nice to have explicit control over where and when a project is saved


We want to keep IDE simple without adding tons of (not essential) features what seems to be a tendency in other environments. Renaming can be done easily in windows explorer (just as you mentioned). Unless we get requests from other users this probably won't be implemented.




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