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Boostc Downgrade

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Has anyone ever done a downgrade of the BoostC compiler?

The reason I ask is because I have a client that wants to make source code changes to a product that is in production since 2007. As far as I can tell from the listing file:

;// Code Generator: BoostC Compiler - http://www.sourceboost.com

;// Version : 6.35


is the version they used, but when I try to compile the source code with 7.10, the listing file is so different that BeyondCompare shows all red for nearly the whole of the compare. What I'm trying to do is verify that the HEX file they use was generated from a specific source codes before I make any changes because I don't want to inadvertently introduce and unknown "small fix" because their documentation that tracks software versions to compiler versions is non-existant (no SVN :-()


If anyone has a different plan other than a downgrade to confirm a set of source code to a HEX file, I'm open to that as well.

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Output of almost every compiler release will be slightly different so if you want to get identical hex file I see no other choice than to go the exactly the same release number that was originally used. And from that point you may upgrade to the latest version.




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