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A Way For Preprocessor Reduce Expressions

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I would like to request the equivalent of MPASM's #v(expr) operator.

It is useful to put actual values into #error or #warning messages for compile-time debug, or for informational purposes. However, this currently doesn't work well with macros that contain expressions. For example,


#define VALUE  (computed value here)
#warning "using value = "VALUE"."


will show a message something like:

file(line): WARNING: using value = "(((1<<5 & 0xF0) + (45 << 5 & 0xEFF0)) == 0) * (0xE6 * (((130) * 54)) + 1)/ 52)".


It would be more helpful to see a message such as:

file(line): WARNING: using value = 12.


It would also be very helpful to be able to specify the radix, so that the value can be displayed in decimal, hex, or even binary. For example, maybe make #d(expr) and #x(expr) operators, or just a generic #v operator with a radix parameter so that decimal would be displayed by #v(expr, 10), hex would be displayed with #v(expr, 16), etc.



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