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Floating point stuff...

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To Pavel: I tested two PIC18 compilator with floating point code,listed in previous (losted :) messages.

And these results are very interesting:

Microchip C18 v.2.20 demo  -  Hitech PICC-18.v.8.30 demo

Code size:      10536 b       -         2693b !

Speed 1:           506 cycl.  -          1008 cycl.

Speed 2:           491 cycl.  -           892 cycl.


Speed 1 is time to complete this : DC=(float)t1/t0;

Speed 2 is time to complete this : T =((DC - 0.32) / 0.0047);


It's interesting, that Michrochip prefer speed at the expense of size.


But if I tried make these calculation with 32bit integer, C18 was faster and final code was also smaller than PICC-18 did...


And this is my last message about floating point.  :(



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