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For a PIC16F device, I have a section of Asm code that places a value in W, and now I want to compare it or use it in other C expressions. However, to do that seems to require more and more Asm code because I can't treat W like a value directly in C. For example, I'd like to do something like:

asm swapf _var, W;   //example code: value is now in W
if (W == 4) ... //use W in a compare, or ...
var = W;   //save W, or do something else with it


To do this, I need to add more and more Asm code:

//  (value is in W)

//to compare W to 4, the following is needed:
asm xorlw 4
btfss _status, Z
goto not_equal

//to save W to a var:
asm movwf _var

ie, it takes more and more Asm code to manipulate W, instead of jumping back into C and manipulating it there.


Is there a syntactical way to refer directly to W in BoostC instead of adding extra Asm (and typically extra temps to hold it)?



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