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Need A Way To Force Functions Into Specific Page

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When a program spans pages, for optimal performance functions must be carefully distributed between code pages to avoid excessive page selects. Currently, a given function can be forced to a specific address using "@<address>", but when there are many functions this is tedious because it takes many repeated compiles and checking the .map file each time in order to choose the correct address.


It would be very helpful to be able to tell the linker "put all code after this point into page ###". This would allow the code to be partitioned according to page# a lot easier. For example, allow a statement such as:

#pragma location push <address>

to be placed between functions to tell the linker to put the code after that into the designated page, and something like:

#pragma location pop

to tell it to put the code back into whichever page it was using before that.


(This would be somewhat analogous to the psect statement in MPLINK).



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